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Ready to strut with the confidence of a goddess?

Tap into your inner goddess and set her free! Learn to strut, slink and command attention. This is 2 hours of movement, exercises and training in claiming your goddess power.



Learn some of my secrets to redefining pleasure and learning to immerse every area of your life in the most magical, pussified pleasure you’ve ever know. I’m talkin your money, sex life, career, friendships, health…all of it! This is a 2 hour deep dive in so be ready for a wild journey!



As women we are often taught to stifle our rage, to be quiet and ignore the magic within. As we step into a new era of consciousness it is time to harness your rage and use it heal and connect both the light and dark of yourself. Clearing your ancestral rage allows you to free yourself and awaken the deep magic within your womb space.



Are you ready to tap into a level of manifestation energy so powerful it has the ability to make your wildest dreams a reality? Step into a unique style of creation by harnessing the power of your kundalini. We’ll begin this intimate exodus by tapping into and getting crystal clear on what you truly desire then dive into an immersive meditation experience to see yourself in a five sensory embodiment journey of harnessing the energy of your kundalini and pushing it through each chakra center and into the universe for a high-powered transmission.
March 7th 4-5:30pm
Balance Beauty Spa

The Pleasure Principle

According to Freud pleasure is our driving force but in a very primal way and he doesn't say that as a compliment. In fact, he kinda treats seeking pleasure like something we need to grow out of. I say F that!!! Pleasure is the freakin goal and too many womxn have grown up learning that was bad, wrong, shameful and dirty. No wonder a lot of suffer from painful, numb sex, getting into our heads in sex. Struggling to have the big O in sex. Struggling to be fully open to intimacy, using our voices and owning TF outta our sexy selves. The truth is your meant to have all the pleasure...every last juicy drop of it!

Join me for this 2 hour virtual workshop where we'll demystify pleasure, break down blocks and learn tools to help you feel radically epic, juicy AF, toe curling, mind blowing, earth shattering pleasure!

Workshop is March 13th 2-4pm EST

What others say
about me

I've helped thousands of women tap into their seductive, powerful selves and feel lusciously vibrant! Check out some of the reviews from past clients.

What others say about me

I've helped thousands of women tap into their seductive, powerful selves and feel lusciously vibrant! Check out some of the reviews from past clients.

Working with Valerie has changed my life! My husband and I are more connected then we’ve ever been because of the work I did with her. She completely transformed my confidence and helped me feel sexy in a way I never had in my life!


Every single session I’ve done with Valerie has been magical. I’ve under covered layers of pain I didn’t know existed and got to a place where I was able to release it all and feel incredible. My sex life with my husband is mind blowing and I discovered a level of pleasure I never thought possible.


I’m not the type to do coaching let alone this type of coaching. But after some persistence from a friend I decided to go for it. Valerie gently pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’m so glad she did. I feel so much more present and alive in my sex life and body and the way she cheer leaded me on gave me confidence to put myself out there in ways I never thought I would.


I went through lots of therapy to heal from sexual trauma and it was amazing for me but still didn’t get me to a place where I felt comfortable with my sexuality. When I started coaching with Valerie I wasn’t sure what to expect but after six months I felt sexy! I had never felt sexy and powerful and it completely changed my self image. It transformed the intimacy between my husband and I and I truly believe set our marriage up for success!



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