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Trauma informed sacred sexuality priestess Valerie Schrader presents….ECSTATIC RAGE

Liberate the full magnitude of your emotions through ecstatic dance!


Let out the repressed rage that's held you back from giving yourself permission to step into the full magnitude of your power.

In this 2-hour embodiment workshop using breathwork, sensual dance, visualization and somatic healing you'll move the pent-up rage, anger and sadness through your body. Validating and integrating all parts of you to take big leaps forward in liberating and freeing yourself so that you can hold yourself through every emotion and unleash the sheer power of them to stop playing small and take up space.

Why experience...ECSTATIC RAGE:

So many of us invalidate our anger, hurt and sadness and so many of us shy away from the full expression of our bodies and feelings. But, when we use a pleasure-based practice like ecstatic dance to tap into the more grounded, primal energies of our root and sacral chakras to release those emotions it becomes safe to do so. It allows you to tap into the power you hold within to speak your truth, go after everything you desire and be unapologetic in who you are!

I used the very same processes to move years of trauma through my body and as a somatic, trauma informed coach I’ve taught every one of my clients to do the same. Within my own journey and there’s I’ve found that giving myself permission to feel the anger, find pleasure in expressing allowed me to see where I’d been hurt and wronged in my life, release the self-blame and shame associated with my traumas and reconditioned from the messages that it was unsafe, unpolite to express myself. This all allowed my voice to become bigger and stronger, it allowed me to take up space in the world and finally go through the deep healing I longed for.


I don’t know that I even have the words to do justice to what being a part of your coaching has done for me over the past year and half or so. I feel each session has brought me closer to finding what I want to find, learning what I want to learn, and finally coming to terms with everything. I know I have a ways to go and I only want to be on that journey with you as my guide.

I have learned that it is okay to cry, dance, talk or just be silent and let my body tell me what it is it wants or needs me to do. It’s gonna be a journey that I expect some bumpy roads ahead, probably more off road adventures than I want to foresee. I know you will help me through it and help me be the best me I can be!!!

Those close to me have noticed a difference in how I approach things and how I carry myself, with more confidence than I’ve had in the past. I have been more comfortable speaking up for myself even.


I absolutely loved my sessions with Valerie 😍 She is so thoughtful, authentic, and real – I even recommended her to a close friend! Valerie made me feel so seen and was so attentive in even small ways like being mindful of her wording, allowing space for me to choose where I wanted the session to go and expressing true love and support.

I felt so supported and heard and safe to express when I was feeling resistant – which I definitely was during one of our sessions haha My inner child was just not ready to make a shift but Valerie was patient and kind, which gave me the space to love my inner child even more.

I absolutely loved receiving coaching from Valerie! And honestly, the work we did with my inner child opened up the doors for sooo much healing, and that bond Valerie helped me form still supports me now as I navigate dating and relationships. I’m no longer reacting from the hurt and pain of my inner child but responding with clarity and even when I misstep, my compassion has deepened so much that I have so much more ease forgiving myself and others and setting healthy boundaries when I need to.


Working with Valerie has completely changed my life. She holds space like no coach I’ve ever worked with. She’s so dedicated, grounded, accessible and authentic and because of that, I was able to fully dive into the process. Her training and knowledge is extensive and she understands trauma more than some counselors I’ve been to. The exercises and meditations she’s created are GAME-CHANGERS. Because of the work I’ve done with her, I’ve experienced a more beautiful connection between myself and my partner, my relationship with money has improved significantly, I’m making new and wonderful friends, I’ve gotten a promotion at work and things just keep getting better. Before working with her, I woke up every day in a trauma-response. Now, I wake up excited to live my life. She is the best of the best and if you are ready to do the work, she’ll get you to the promised land of self love, peace and prosperity. I cannot recommend working with Valerie enough. She’s the real deal and I am forever grateful to her.


So what exactly does this whole thing look like?

This liberating somatic experience will begin with a grounding breathwork to create a deep sense of safety. From there, we’ll begin a slow and sensual yoga based warm up to connect to the energy of our root and sacral chakras to enhance that internal safety and grounding while connecting to our primal pieces. This will allow our brains and bodies to open up and allow those pent-up, repressed emotions to fly freely. Once we’ve centered in, we’ll go through a guided meditation with intensely effective visualizations to tap into all the unprocessed rage, hurt and sadness to begin releasing it fully. Giving space to scream, shout, cry and feel all the feelings in a safe, held space. As we move through the feelings, we’ll begin our ecstatic dance to get fully in our bodies and let the emotions move through us so we can allow them to process freely and easily. We’ll then begin slowing down and coming back into our breathwork, connecting to our highest self to receive any loving words of wisdom and compassion. Finishing off with a mantra and some journaling to process the experience to it’s fullest.


This workshop is for anyone that’s felt stuck in their life and not fully connected to their sensual bodies or emotions.

It’s for those that long to break free but have yet to feel safe doing so. It’s for those that have carries years of shame and self-blame for hurts, traumas and toxic conditioning that holds them back from truly saying, doing and being their full authentic selves.

It’s for those ready to take all that shame and self-blame and kick it to the curb and show up unapologetically, fully tapped in and lit up by the full expression of themselves.


Hey, my radiant goddesses and beings! Let me tell ya a bit about me and why I do this epic, pussy empowered work. I am a third-generation healer and intuitive that has inspired thousands of women for 2 decades to trust themselves, discover the power of their bodies, their voices and shine in all their brilliance.
Why am I so damn good at this work?!

• Because even in a pandemic I manifested $60,000 within 3 weeks of intending it.
• I’ve used the same practices I’m teaching you to overcome deep seated traumas and liberate my own voice and pleasure.
• In just a 3-year time I took myself from being hospitalized for a suicide attempt, losing my fiancé, friends, nearly loosing my business and feeling worthless to thriving, building an income 4xs what it had been and a wealth mindset, conjuring up amazing friendships, incredible sex and out of this world self-worth!
• I’ve helped those around me build successful businesses, find fairy tale like love, become confident AF and manifest everything and anything they desire.
• I’m a VITA ™ certified Sex and Love coach, Trauma informed coach, Tantrika and healer.

I’ve done the work, crafted the experience and used to conjure a life beyond my dreams and now it’s your turn!
I can’t freakin wait to see what you manifest as you transform into the radiant, pussified sex witch that’s been dyin to come out and play!

Are you ready to liberate the full magnitude of your emotions through ecstatic dance?

Workshop is July 29th 8pm to 10pm EST

Cost: $33 per person

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