Sensual Empowerment


Sensual Power is a transformative 6 week course utilizing exotic movement, yoga, meditation and carefully designed exercises and lessons to change the way you feel in your body, ask for what you want, build confidence, tap into your sensual side and feel sexy as hell doing it! it’s time to say YES 🙌🏼 to yourselves!

What this course entails:

  • 12 hours of immersive classroom work that can be live streamed.
  • Live streaming of class to do anywhere in the world and recordings of live stream posted in members area 24 hours after each classes.
  • A recorded guided meditation to do on your own at home.
  • Recorded tutorials on your exotic movement and yoga infused warm up.
  • An instructional manual with more in depth explanation of the lessons and homework exercise.
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group and messaging group to connect with other women in the course, share your wins, breakthrough and get support.
  • Recorded jade egg practices.
  • Recorded tutorials of each dance lesson with breakdown of all the moves.

Course investment:

$400 for full 12 hour course

Next Course:

March 8th to April 12th



Infinity Aerial

9032 Cotter St

Lewis Center, Oh 43035


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This course was created as a way for women who’ve experienced sexual trauma to reclaim their bodies and power. When we go through trauma much of our clinical healing is about overcoming the pain and fear associated with it. But once that part is done what about learning to love your body and yourself again? Many women, like myself, struggle to fully feel present in sexual context after trauma and struggle with feelings of shame and lack of ownership over their bodies. This can take years to work through and often times we never fully get to a place of truly owning and celebrating our sexual power without deep work.

This course was designed using the methods I’ve explored and found to be the most freeing and transformative in healing and finding my own power. I know this works because I’ve done this and while it takes time it will help you reclaim yourself! This course runs six weeks and uses a combination of one on one coaching along with at home exercises and group support to help you begin the process of finding pleasure in your body and life again as well as feeling more confident in trusting yourself and opening up to the world again. Take back your body with me and get to a place where you feel power in your sexy again!

What this course entails:

  • Two (2) 1 hour one on one coaching calls with me via zoom
  • Weekly group coaching calls via zoom
  • Members access to online tutorials and coaching
  • Private group access to check in, get support and ask for guidance
  • Weekly exercises and lessons to help reclaim your body
  • Longterm access recorded tutorials, meditations and exercises

Course Investment:

$1,000 for full six week course

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