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4 months to reclaiming your mystical power and connection!

Heal your ancestral pain and free the power of your inner witch!

It's time to reclaim your priestess and open to the power within! For centuries the goddess ruled and was celebrated in cultures and civilizations around the world. As patriarchy took over healers, intuitives, medicine women...witches were persecuted and thrown into the darkness, shunned from the world. Generations worth of shame, fear and pain left an imprint on us. We learned to play small, silence our voices and feel shame around our sexuality. Through ancestral healing, shadow work and opening of your natural intuition you'll learn to thrive in your power, your sexuality and feel magically empowered!

What this course entails
All the goodies



12 sessions, each class is 60 minutes of immersive virtual classroom work.

Carefully crafted and led shadow work and ancestral healing exercises.

Weekly check in for accountability.

PDF download manual with more in depth explanation of the lessons and homework exercise.

Course investment:

$1,800 for full 4 month course or 4 payments of $450

Are you ready to stand tall and powerfully speak your truth?

The next step is to fill out the application and set up your FREE Sacred Pussy discovery call with me! We’ll dive into where your at and how I can help you invoke the power of your inner priestess!

What others say
about me

I've helped thousands of women tap into their seductive, powerful selves and feel lusciously vibrant! Check out some of the reviews from past clients.

What others say about me

I've helped thousands of women tap into their seductive, powerful selves and feel lusciously vibrant! Check out some of the reviews from past clients.

Working with Valerie has changed my life! My husband and I are more connected then we’ve ever been because of the work I did with her. She completely transformed my confidence and helped me feel sexy in a way I never had in my life!


Every single session I’ve done with Valerie has been magical. I’ve under covered layers of pain I didn’t know existed and got to a place where I was able to release it all and feel incredible. My sex life with my husband is mind blowing and I discovered a level of pleasure I never thought possible.


I’m not the type to do coaching let alone this type of coaching. But after some persistence from a friend I decided to go for it. Valerie gently pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’m so glad she did. I feel so much more present and alive in my sex life and body and the way she cheer leaded me on gave me confidence to put myself out there in ways I never thought I would.


I went through lots of therapy to heal from sexual trauma and it was amazing for me but still didn’t get me to a place where I felt comfortable with my sexuality. When I started coaching with Valerie I wasn’t sure what to expect but after six months I felt sexy! I had never felt sexy and powerful and it completely changed my self image. It transformed the intimacy between my husband and I and I truly believe set our marriage up for success!


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