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Sacred pussy and voice reclamation priestess Valerie Schrader presents….SEX MAGIC

9 weeks of mystical immersion to create mind blowing pleasure, empowerment and manifest your wildest desires!

On this mystically sexy journey you will:

*Work through the blocks that keep you small in business, life and love so that you can declare your truth proudly.

*Use sexual pleasure to conjure up the dream relationship, amazing career, financial success and sex life that makes you tingle with excitement.

*Step into the full witchy power within us all with a coven of like minded goddess to celebrate and support you through your success.

*Find with crystal clear precision and action plan to take you from dreaming about your desires to making them your reality.

*Creating a network of like-minded sister goddesses to develop deeply conscious and meaningful connection.

I'm Valerie

Hey, my radiant goddesses and beings! Let me tell ya a bit about me and why I do this epic, pussy empowered work. I am a third-generation healer and intuitive that has inspired thousands of women for 2 decades to trust themselves, discover the power of their bodies, their voices and shine in all their brilliance.
Why am I so damn good at this work?!

• Because even in a pandemic I manifested $60,000 within 3 weeks of intending it.
• I’ve used the same practices I’m teaching you to overcome deep seated traumas and liberate my own voice and pleasure.
• In just a 3-year time I took myself from being hospitalized for a suicide attempt, losing my fiancé, friends, nearly loosing my business and feeling worthless to thriving, building an income 4xs what it had been and a wealth mindset, conjuring up amazing friendships, incredible sex and out of this world self-worth!
• I’ve helped those around me build successful businesses, find fairy tale like love, become confident AF and manifest everything and anything they desire.
• I’m a VITA ™ certified Sex and Love coach, Trauma informed coach, Tantrika and healer.

I’ve done the work, crafted the experience and used to conjure a life beyond my dreams and now it’s your turn!
I can’t freakin wait to see what you manifest as you transform into the radiant, pussified sex witch that’s been dyin to come out and play!

9 weeks of mystical, sensual liberation and manifestation of your wildest dreams!

Gone are the days of believing in the super analytical, toxically masculine, bro-ed out strategies of manifestation. The reality is those methods don't fucking work for most of us! We're witches, queens, priestesses and royal freakin beings. We thrive of pussified pleasure and connection to our inner magic when it comes to creation. Our very nature is rooted in mysticism and intuition for goddess sake.


After our initial meeting, I found myself feeling very comfortable and relaxed around Valerie. I was nervous initially but within a few minutes of working with her, I felt that I could trust her with the intimate details of my life. She is an active listener and joyful. She is comforting while also providing me with the push I needed to do the harder transformative work.
Although I had a basic idea of what I wanted to work on with her, I found her opening exercise to be really helpful for me to articulate what I truly wanted. I really appreciate that she allowed me to explore what I needed to work on and just as importantly, she allowed me to figure out what it was that I truly desired.
I found that many of the visualizations and meditations she led me through were helpful in a multitude of ways. The meditation to balance feminine and masculine energies was pivotal as I had been feeling off balance for a while although I couldn’t articulate what was off balance.
The cave mediation also really helped me to recognize how old wounds are creating blockages in my current life and it helped me to confront those wounds to provide for further healing. Another very powerful meditation exercise was confronting my mother and father. This had me tap into primal emotions, there were tears and in the end a deep feeling of release. The imagery that these mediations created was so visual and intriguing, like taking a peek into the mystery.
Another vital exercise that Valerie gave me was communicating desires with my husband. I absolutely feared this activity as I felt it would be awkward and it was…but it was also transformative. My husband and I have planned to continue this activity weekly and we are not only listening to each other’s desires but considering ways to meet them. I do think that this work is gold for our relationship. It helped me to get closer to achieving my desire to deepen my communication with my husband.


I’m not the type to do coaching let alone this type of coaching. But after some persistence from a friend I decided to go for it. Valerie gently pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’m so glad she did. I feel so much more present and alive in my sex life and body and the way she cheer leaded me on gave me confidence to put myself out there in ways I never thought I would. I’ve allowed myself to speak up in work meetings and gotten lots of praise and reward for it. That’s something I never had the confidence to do before and goes further than that. I’ve built a better relationship with my kids, neighbors and friends. I’ve had orgasms that feel like I’m transported and feel so tapped into my pussy. She speaks her desires to me all the time as opposed to feeling no connection at all.


So how the hell we doin this anyway?

I'm glad you asked! Each week we'll go through carefully designed embodiment exercises, meditations, pleasure practices and yes some witchy spell work to help break through the conditioning and stories you've held that have prevented you from living the life you desire. Once we break it all down you're going to harness your most authentic, truest self and unleash the full magnitude of your radiance to conjure up your wildest desires!

WEEK 1: WHAT DO YOU DESIRE? We'll be getting to the heart of what you truly desire, make it crystal clear and then begin a process of seeing yourself in a full blown reality of having it. I'll teach you to use this visualization to train your subconscious to see this as real.

WEEK 2: HOW DO YOU PLAY SMALL? This is where we go in and find those long held beliefs and blocks that have been holding you back from fully expressing your pleasure and using rage release techniques to let go of generations worth of conditioning.

WEEK THREE: LIBERATING YOUR VOICE AND FACING THE SHADOW! This is where we really break down those subconscious blocks, discover what our sub-personalities are and work to integrate them for real lasting transformation and then pussifying TF outta your voice!

WEEK FOUR: CONNECTING TO YOUR INNER WITCH. We've all got a little witch within us and it's high time to let her out! This week we'll focus on connecting to the our inner wisdom and going deep into developing massive self love for body and pussy!

WEEK FIVE: FEELING WORTHY AF! How worthy do you feel of having your pleasure and all your desires? This week we're focusing connecting to your level of worthiness and turning it up to 11 and getting into some seriously turned on breath work to fully embody your worthiness.

WEEK SIX: RELEARNING FEMALE POWER! What did you learn about female power and pleasure? Let's break that down and get into a new, more aligned connection to power and pleasure while working on deeper levels of voice activation.

WEEK SEVEN: MONEY MAKES MY PUSSY WET. This week is all about changing your relationship to money, creating an energetic practice around money and learning to make your money work for you not the other way around. We're gonna fully pussify TF outta your relationship to money!

WEEK EIGHT: MASCULINE/FEMININE FLOW. There's nothing more divine that tapping into the creative force of the feminine and presenting the masculine with the ability to be in service of her wildest wants. This week is dedicated to creating a wave like flow between your masculine and feminine energies and watch them make love within as they guide you into those creative sparks of genius.

WEEK NINE: ENERGETIC POWER AND TAKING UP SPACE! We freakin did it!!! You are a sex magic priestess and to finish off we're stepping into full blown connecting to our sexual archtype, building massive pleasure in the body while inviting all pieces of you to show up and join and we're to dance in it all while taking up space!


*9 x 90 minutes Sex Magic and Coven Connection group coaching sessions {all lessons fully recorded} - value $13,500

*9 weeks of magical WhatsApp support {up to 30 minutes a week} + private connection group access- value $3,000

*Embodiment practices to conjure lasting change & transformation- value $597

*Sensuality activations to make you deeply fall in love with your body and feel sacred in your own skin- value

*Communication map to help you fully own your voice and speak your truth in any situation- value $197

PAID IN FULL: $1,500 {save $1,500}

PAYMENT PLAN: 3 payments of $575


Clear any trauma or resistance in your throat chakra and opening up your voice to fully own your truth and unapologetically speak your desires {value $397}

Are you ready to manifest your wildest pleasures?

The next step is to set up your FREE Sacred Pussy discovery call with me and then sign up for the course! We’ll dive into where your at and how I can help you evoke change that will make you squeal with delight!
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