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Ready to...Thrive, Feel Fully Alive, Have Incredible Sex and Be a Radiant Goddess?


What's different about the Sensual Power Method?Outrageous amounts of pleasure, self love and a little intuitive magic for an epic experience!

When it comes to going from trauma and disconnect to sexually thriving, feeling confident AF and having magical relationships you need more than just talk. You need PLEASURE! Using pleasure practices, somatic work designed to dive in deep and heal those past wounds, integrate your trauma and mix it all with some seriously witchy vibes is how I get you transformational results!

Why? Because you need a way to integrate all parts of you body, mind and spirit to create a new story of thriving for lasting change. Using carefully crafted practices while holding seriously safe and supportive space and being a stand for your transformation you're going to heal, grow and peel back the old stories that no longer serve you so you can step into your radiant power!

My Commitment to You

After my own healing journey I dedicated thousands of hours of learning, teaching and experience to create a high level supportive experience.

As a third generation healer and intuitive it's in my blood to transform and generate massive healing and I guarantee to you that you'll experience radical life change while transporting into the most delicious pleasure you've ever dreamed. I will be a stand for you and hold you accountable to cultivate maximum growth!

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