Each of us is like a lotus
We start off growing, pushing through the muck and over time we reach the surface and become a beautiful flower!

What my amazing
clients have experienced


After our initial meeting, I found myself feeling very comfortable and relaxed around Valerie Schrader of Sensual Power. I was nervous initially but within a few minutes of working with her, I felt that I could trust her with the intimate details of my life. She is an active listener and joyful. She is comforting while also providing me with the push I needed to do the harder transformative work.

Although I had a basic idea of what I wanted to work on with her, I found her opening exercise to be really helpful for me to articulate what I truly wanted. I really appreciate that she allowed me to explore what I needed to work on and just as importantly, she allowed me to figure out what it was that I truly desired.

I found that many of the visualizations and meditations she led me through were helpful in a multitude of ways. The meditation to balance femine and masculine energies was pivotal as I had been feeling off balance for a while although I couldn’t articulate what was off balance. Since working on that meditation, I had an epiphany concerning my masculine or yang energy. I realized that it exists quite strongly within me and that I had been ignoring and undervaluing it. After performing with meditation, I recognized a shift within myself, a feeling of improved balance.

The cave mediation also really helped me to recognize how old wounds are creating blockages in my current life and it helped me to confront those wounds to provide for further healing. Another very powerful meditation exercise was confronting my mother and father. This had me tap into primal emotions, there were tears and in the end a deep feeling of release. The imagery that these mediations created was so visual and intriguing, like taking a peek into the mystery.

Another vital exercise that Valerie gave me was communicating desires with my husband. I absolutely feared this activity as I felt it would be awkward and it was...but it was also transformative. My husband and I have planned to continue this activity weekly and we are not only listening to each other’s desires but considering ways to meet them. I do think that this work is gold for our relationship. It helped me to get closer to achieving my desire to deepen my communication with my husband.

I would strongly recommend working with Valerie Schrader as she has demonstrated both a strong knowledge for the work she is doing as well as she has the caring touch of a true healer. Her easy way about her allowed me to open up and get deeper.


I'm not the type to do coaching let alone this type of coaching. But after some persistence from a friend I decided to go for it. Valerie gently pushed me out of my comfort zone and I'm so glad she did. I feel so much more present and alive in my sex life and body and the way she cheer leaded me on gave me confidence to put myself out there in ways I never thought I would. I’ve allowed myself to speak up in work meetings and gotten lots of praise and reward for it. That’s something I never had the confidence to do before and goes further than that. I’ve built a better relationship with my kids, neighbors and friends. I’ve had orgasms that feel like I’m transported and feel so tapped into my pussy. She speaks her desires to me all the time as opposed to feeling no connection at all.


I got more out of the 3 sessions with you then with perhaps 30 sessions with my previous therapist of eight years. While this was done by zoom and not in person, I felt the quality of the shared space provided and overall discussion worthwhile. With you, you earned my trust pretty quickly and that is a good power to have because I am normally a very distrusting person from my experiences and what I do for a living. I realized still that it is ok to understand I have childhood pain still there to deal with and I have work to do. Most importantly what I got out of our time, is that I do matter. What I say matters. What I feel matters. And I am not alone in my hurt and pain out there. Even you, as the coach, went through hell yourself and I appreciate you sharing some intimate points with yourself and the healing you went through. You made me see myself in a way I never even thought I could or deserved to.
Three best friends hugging each other in the city.
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