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February 3, 2020by Sensual Power

So the Super Bowl happened and while I couldn’t tell you a damn thing about the game I watched every bit of that half time show at least 20 times by now. It was incredible for so many reasons and for women all over the world it was a statement loud and clear. There were multiple political statements represented especially during Jlo’s piece with the children and we could talk at length about the political messages but I wanna talk about the messages for women. Shakira and JLo are 43 and 50 respectively, 43 and 50 and they look freaking amazing!!! These women performed at a level that most dancers their ages have stopped doing because the toll it takes on your body is intense. They didn’t just perform well for women their ages, they performed well period. They showed that women over 40 aren’t suddenly old, dried up matronly figures.

For women every where that was a clear message that age doesn’t mean a damn thing. They were strong, sexy and powerful as hell and what an incredible message for us all. So much of our media tells us that over 40 we seize to be sexy and should start hiding away from the world. It’s ridiculous because we women of a certain age don’t suddenly stop feel sensual and sexual as we age. Not at all and last night those two goddesses made that super clear. JLo has most likely at least started peri menopause and yet she is still clearly a very sensual being so all those media messages saying otherwise can suck it! But these women are also mothers. As a mom myself I can’t tell you how often we are conditioned to believe that as mothers we stop having an identity outside of our children. We are supposed to become almost asexual beings that live only for our children. It’s part of what causes so much depression in moms because we start loosing our identities, doing things for ourselves. These two moms reminded the world that mothers can be both incredible, giving moms and women who have goals and dreams and still be sexy as hell.

They showed little girls around the world that owning your body and the way you represent it is powerful and makes you powerful. For the young Latin girls that sang on stage with JLo and her daughter Emme they got to make their beautiful voices heard. So often little girls are taught to be pretty and sit quietly in a corner. Not last night! Those girls were encouraged to shine. For all little girls that was an important message but for little brown girls around the world it was a much needed one. The representation of the girls in cages was very much a slam at this administrations disgusting practice of locking young Latin children in cages. The girls coming out of the cages as they sang Let’s Get Loud became an anthem both for the injustices going on in our country and for girls and women everywhere to stop being silent and start making their voices loud and heard. It was breathtaking and the displays of Latin and middle eastern culture made us all remember this country is a melting pot and there’s so much diversity in the world.

Now I can’t leave out the pole dancing because as a 21 year veteran pole dancer it filled me with pride to see it represented at such a large scale event. The pole dancers on that stage were exhibiting beautifully executed high level tricks. JLo may have only do a few modest tricks but given she was holding a mic and singing I’d never expect more. But what she did do was show the world pole is a beautiful artistic expression and for that I’m eternally grateful. I’ve seen so many people take issue with it but honestly all of it was extremely tasteful and really pole dancing isn’t inherently dirty. We only perceive it that way because people have insecurities and issues they project out. Strippers and sex workers in general are often vilified and really it’s time to stop. Expressing yourself in a sensual way isn’t degrading if it’s something as a woman you feel safe and comfortable with. JLo feels empowered by pole dancing, moving sensually and dressing in sexy outfits and as women we should be celebrating her right to do that. I sure as hell am and I’m so glad this is stirring a conversation about so many aspects of the performance.

In short, these women absolutely rocked it and deserve to feel utter pride in what they put out there. I hope this is a jumping off point for much more discussion about age, motherhood, sensuality, women of color, injustices and so much more that need way more positive discussion then they’ve been given. If you haven’t checked out the full show check it out below and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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