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January 7, 2020by Sensual Power

How often are you celebrating the successes you have in life? Do you even truly pay attention to what you’ve accomplished and take pride in that? If not, why the hell not?!

Celebrating your success is vital for 1. Appreciating what you’ve already accomplished 2. Bringing more successes into your life because your giving gratitude for the ones you’ve already achieved and 3. Your building confidence in yourself when you see what you’ve already done. Not all success has to be career or 💰 related (those are nice though 😉) but it’s any success! Regardless of how big or small you perceive the success it’s still valid and important to take note of. This is something that many of us struggle with because it’s so much easier to get in the mindset of checking things off a list and moving onto the next item. Taking time to really notice what you’ve accomplished gives you a chance to be present and see what you’re truly capable of. When you don’t pay attention to your wins and you have a moment in life where something isn’t going right something happens. In that moment, you begin doubting yourself and your abilities. You stop thinking of yourself as someone capable. This leads to some serious issues that stops your life successes.

So what can you do to celebrate the wins? Anything you want but make sure you do it! This doesn’t necessarily mean buying yourself something or taking yourself on an elaborate dinner. I’m not a fan of spending outside your means so make sure you do something that fits your budget. But find some way to celebrate each month when you look back at what you’ve accomplished. Let’s say your goal was to develop a better night time routine, stay off social media except designated times, start a blog or podcast, finish a work project. Whatever it is if you did it reward yourself for it! I personally love doing things like having a little living room dance party, treating myself to a yoga class or lunch out or if it fits my budget getting myself something I really want. I keep a planner where I set my intentions for the month and then have a list of things I want to accomplish each week. Everyday if I accomplish five things on my list I give myself a big W for the win and at the end of my month I look over everything to see what I’ve accomplished. If I achieved what I wanted to achieve I decide how I wanna celebrate 🎉 and do it!

Try it for yourself and see how much it changes your outlook on what you can do and how much more you can do!

by Sensual Power

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