Welcome to Your Revolution in Body Empowerment!

Are you ready to fall absolutely in love with your body and say a big hell yes to living a pleasure filled life?!

It is my honor to assist you on your journey to discovering what makes you truly powerful and help you see the goddess within.

So many women experience feelings of shame, discomfort and lack of connection to their sensual selves and to me it’s time to end that cycle. I want to see women just like you living in a state of pure love and confidence and have a deeply intimate relationship with your body. I want to see you walk through life exuding the power of your divine feminine.

My coaching program unlike any other and will take you into a deep journey of sensual self discovering. I’ve taught exotic movement of almost two decades and have combined the movement with meditative practices and action based exercises to help you reveal the goddess within! Sensual power allows you to live free of constraints, free rules that tell you as a woman how you are allowed to live and be. Refine what you want out of life, find your voice and ask for what brings you delicious, pleasure-filled joy. This is not just a journey to discover your body, this is a journey to discovering yourself!

Meet Valerie


Hello goddesses!

I’m Valerie or Val, I go by both! For the last seventeen years I’ve taught hundreds of women exotic movement and in 2007 I opened my own pole dancing studio in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Early in my career I found that the women I was teaching were getting so much more then physical movement. They found a level of confidence and healing that they hadn’t found anywhere else. So with my education from The Ohio State University in Womens Health and sexuality studies helped me develop programming to go deeper and give the women I was teaching the ability to truly connect to their bodies and build a sense of empowerment unlike anything they’d ever experienced before.

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